How much does it cost to build a website?

Perhaps the most frequently asked question, the answer to which is determined by the complexity of the web project you would like to be built for you, your requirements and preferences regarding the structure, functionality and design of the website and of course the work that should be put into the overall its realization. To successfully compete online, your website needs to be unique in terms of web design, look, structure and functionality. With this in mind, we will also offer you the construction of a completely new, unique web design for each of the offers, for all who wish this, and the additional price for its creation will be formed depending on the complexity of the respective design. In order to achieve the maximum results that meet your requirements and performance, Web Designs will help you with answers and advice to all your website design questions.

How long does it take to build a website??

Depending on the type and structure of the site, the complexity of its design, as well as the possible integration of additional scripts and modules, the terms for creating a site vary from 10 to 60 working days from the moment of activation of your domain and the information you submit (photos , text, assignment). Web Designs' commitment to meeting the website deadline is an important element of the whole process that we strictly adhere to, so we think and analyze things beforehand before placing any deadline on any order placed with us.

What is a site domain?

A site domain is The domain can end in .com, .net, .org, .info, .eu, etc. The domain of the site is written in the address bar of the browser, thus loading the website itself. When choosing a domain for your site, you should consider several important recommendations. The domain should contain, if possible, an important keyword related to the activity you will advertise or the name of your company, if you wish to promote it. At the same time, the domain should not be too long to be easier to write and remember. For example, our domain is A domain is required before starting the process of building your website. The loading of the site is done through a web browser, when visitors to the site enter its URL in the address bar of their browser, namely this address represents your domain.

What is hosting??

Hosting is one or several servers on which all the necessary files for your site are located. Hosting provides the technical resources and necessary 24-hour support for your website to help it run smoothly. With us, you can choose and compare different hosting offers from our different hosting partners HERE.

Is maintenance required after the site is built??

We recommend it, not to say that it is mandatory. Of course, we do not oblige anyone, each offer contains a price for maintenance per month for a period of 1 year, and these fees with subscription maintenance are symbolic ($6, $9, $12 ...) depending on the complexity of the site, the need and the volume for manipulations, etc. If you do not want such subscription support, we can also offer you an incidental one, again with billing depending on the complexity of the site, the need and volume for manipulations, etc. Here, the billing is individual for the performed activity and the time to work on it, and they are charged for payment each time an intervention is required.

How to order the development of a website from you?

In order to be as flexible as possible and to offer you an individual offer according to your preferences and assignment, to be as honest as possible and to offer you an objective solution and a clear assignment, we need as much clarity and details as possible about you, your activity, the need that spawns your new site, the activity it will perform, etc. Therefore, we have initialized here a request form for you to use to make your request. We will consider, analyze, prepare everything and offer you an offer which, if you accept, we will implement in your new physical web project.

What is the admin panel of the site?

This is a panel with which you can edit products, content, pages on your site after it is ready. All CMS systems like Wordpress, OpenCart, Joomla, Magento, etc. have it. We don't use such free CMS systems, we build your site by programming professionally using code via Bootstrap CDN or CodeIgniter technology. For this reason, your site is many times faster, optimized and does not have such a panel (except online stores with OpenCart), which is again a plus, as this makes it 100% secure. We only build online stores with OpenCart and there you have an admin panel to control your goods and orders.

If you have any further questions, we will be happy to help: